Gov.-Elect Josh Shapiro announced staff (updated 1/13/23)

Meaghan Abbott

Chief of Staff to the First Lady

Jacklin Rhoads

Director of Public Affairs and Marketing

Manuel Bonder

Press Secretary

Amanda Warren

Director of External Affairs

Lisa Swanson

Research Director

Will Simons

Communications Director

Annie Newman

Director of Digital Strategy

Colonel Christopher Paris

Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner

Tom Cook

Fire Commissioner

Major General Mark Schindler

Adjutant General

Randy Padfield

Director of Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA)

Laurel Harry

Secretary of Corrections

Pat Browne

Secretary of Revenue

Mike Carroll

Secretary of Transportation

Sarah Hammer

Secretary of Banking and Securities

Rick Siger

Secretary of Community and Economic Development

Dr. Val Arkoosh

Secretary of Human Services

Jason Kavulich

Secretary of Aging

Dr. Latika Davis-Jones

Secretary of Drug and Alcohol Programs

Dr. Debra Bogen

Secretary of Health

Mike Humphreys

Secretary of Insurance

Rich Negrin

Secretary of Environmental Protection

Russell Redding

Secretary of Agriculture

Cindy Dunn

Secretary of Conservation and Natural Resources

Dr. Khalid Mumin

Secretary of Education

Nancy Walker

Secretary of Labor and Industry

Neil Weaver

Secretary of Administration

Al Schmidt

Secretary of the Commonwealth

Akbar Hossain

Secretary of Policy and Planning

Mike Vereb

Secretary of Legislative Affairs

Dana Fritz

Chief of Staff

Uri Monson

Secretary of the Budget

Jennifer Selber

General Counsel

Larry Hailsham Jr.

Executive Deputy Chief of Staff

Matt Smith

Chair, Economic Development Transition Advisory Committee

MeeCee Baker

Chair, Environmental/Energy Transition Advisory Committee

Patrick Murphy

Chair, Public Safety Transition Advisory Committee

Patrick Gallagher

Chair, Education/Workforce Transition Advisory Committee

Alyn Waller

Chair, Health and Human Services Transition Advisory Committee

Brian Hudson

Chair, Consumer Protection Transition Advisory Committee

Joann Bell

Chair, State Government Operations Transition Advisory Committee

Joseph Lee

Deputy Chief of Staff for Administration and Opportunity

Lindsey Mauldin

Deputy Chief of Staff for Health and Human Services

Danielle Okai

Deputy Chief of Staff for Economic Development

Michael Pipe

Deputy Chief of Staff for Public Safety

Sam Robinson

Deputy Chief of Staff for Consumers and the Environment

Tori Shiver

Deputy Chief of Staff for Education and Workforce Development