State Senator John Yudichak Statement on Not Seeking Re-Election to the State Senate


Honored, blessed, and grateful are the first few words that come to mind as I reflect on my decision to not seek re-election to the Pennsylvania State Senate in the 2022 election cycle. The good people of northeastern Pennsylvania have welcomed me into their homes and hearts over the last 24 years during my six terms in the House of Representatives and my three terms in the State Senate. Recognizing their kindness and support, I have always strived to match their generosity with unremitting passion and purpose in how I approached public service.


The people of northeastern Pennsylvania have been my full and faithful partners in creating jobs, strengthening our communities, and creating a better quality of life in our region. Most recently, the Governorís Action Team reported that northeastern Pennsylvania was the number one region in Pennsylvania in both job creation and private investment - an accomplishment that is a testament to the aspirational spirit of the people of northeastern Pennsylvania. Together, we have built strong bipartisan coalitions among diverse constituencies in government, business, and organized labor to construct new roads and bridges like the South Valley Parkway in Hanover Township and expansion of State Route 424 in Hazle Township. These critical public infrastructure investments have attracted more than $1 billion in private investment and thousands of jobs to our region. We have also worked together to secure economic development projects, like the $6 billion Nacero manufacturing facility in Nanticoke and Newport Township, which is positioned to be the single largest economic development project in the history of Luzerne County.


Over my tenure in public life, I have been inspired by the working families of northeastern Pennsylvania who go to work every day to provide a better life for their family and better days for their community. I have tried to match their work ethic and mirror their working-class values in every vote I made and in every project I pursued. For me, politics is the profession and people are the purpose.


No family has inspired me more than my own. My parents, Joe and the late Sally Yudichak, instilled in me and my siblings a sense of responsibility to family and community that will never leave me. I often pause during my day in Harrisburg to remind myself that my mother and father, like so many families in northeastern Pennsylvania, had to work by the sweat of their brow and the strength of their hands so I could have the privilege of serving in the state legislature. I also think about the core group of volunteers who helped to elect me, the folks I call the original door knockers, and I am humbled by their efforts and dedication to the cause of better government. It is a privilege of the highest honor to earn the peopleís trust and to serve as their voice in the Pennsylvania General Assembly. To the citizens of the 119th district in the House of Representatives and to those in the 14th district in the Senate, thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you.


We have made good history together - a list of success stories that spans nearly three decades. Legislative success stories like the Senior Citizen Full Benefits Act, the Sargent Sherwood Baker Act, the Waste Tire Recycling Act, the Moon Lake Park Act, Kevinís Law, the Anti-Gang Law, the Local Manufacturing Tax Credit, the Coal Refuse Tax Credit, and the Computer Data Center Development Act. Environmental success stories like the mine reclamation work of the Earth Conservancy and the conservation of state forest lands in both Luzerne and Carbon Counties. Educational success stories like the SHINE program in our public schools and the expansion of our regionís finest institutions of higher education. Community success stories like the work of the South Valley COG, the Mountain COG, the West Side COG, the Carbon County COG and the creation of the Wyoming Area Regional Police Department.  Regional success stories like the creation of the NEPA Nursing Home SOS Program, the Regional COVID-19 Code Enforcement Partnership, the Luzerne County Small Business Loan Program, and the Luzerne County Public Infrastructure Program. And finally, the private sector economic success stories that have made NEPA the number one job creating region in all of Pennsylvania. Each of these legislative and community success stories are, in large part, the product of the hard work and dedication of my legislative staff who have honorably served the citizens of northeastern Pennsylvania and will always be a very special family to me.


Although I will not be seeking re-election to the Pennsylvania State Senate, my heart will remain forever dedicated to serving the communities of northeastern Pennsylvania. I consider Senator Lisa Baker, Senator John Gordner, Senator Dave Argall and Senator Marty Flynn as friends, colleagues, and public servants of the highest quality. I look forward to helping them and the regionís state legislative delegation to continue the great progress we have made in making northeastern Pennsylvania the best place to raise a family, get an education, and build a career.


Finally, I believe the time has come to better serve the most important people in my life - my daughters Sarah, Anna, Evelyn, and Grace. My daughters grew up in politics, and they have sacrificed a lot of time with their father over the years to the demands of public life. As my daughters embark on important milestones in their own lives, I plan to dedicate myself to supporting their endeavors and to enjoying every moment we share together as a family.